Lady Blackbird
Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder

Lady Blackbird is the first in a growing collection of free games originally created by John Harper.


Lady Blackbird

The award-winning game that started it all.

Lady Blackbird is an Imperial noble fleeing from an arranged marriage to be with her secret lover, the pirate king Uriah Flint. To reunite with him, she has hired a notorious smuggler and the crew of his skyship, The Owl. However, The Owl has been captured by an Imperial cruiser. How will Lady Blackbird and the others escape? What dangers lie in their path on the way to the pirate king’s lair?   |   5 players & gm

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Magister Lor

Magister Lor is all that remains of an ancient order of mystics that imprisoned the demons who shattered the world. Among these demons is Setarra, recently freed by her apprentice, Kel. The only forces stopping Setarra and Kel from summoning the great demons are Magister Lor and Kai: Lor’s own apprentice and Kel’s twin. Will the twins turn on each other? Will the the great demons be released?   |   4 players & gm

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Lord Scurlock

Lord Scurlock is dead. His estranged children have returned home for the funeral and disbursement of the estate. However, there is too little money for so many creditors, who hover about the manor like vultures. How will Scurlock’s heirs decide who gets paid? And will they untangle themselves from their father’s nefarious past, or will they find a way to use it to their advantage?   |   4 players & gm

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Jessamine Bell

Jessamine Bell is certain her son’s father is still alive on The Hammer, a warship that hovers silently above the free world of Haven. She persuades her employer and a ragtag crew to investigate the unresponsive ship, but each has their own mysterious reasons for taking this job. Will Jessamine and the others find what they seek? Or will they suffer the same strange fate as those onboard the ship?   |   5 players & gm

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